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How It Works

iPay Carriers logo insures Carriers they’ll get paid once the Load has been delivered. Carries provide Brokers and Direct Shippers with a Tracking Number that will insure the Freight has been picked up.

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How Carriers Get Paid

iPay Carriers logo secures the full amount of the total payment from the Direct Shipper or Broker prior to the Carrier receiving a Bill of Lad. Once the Broker has seen his Freight being picked up, 50% of the Carriers payment will be advanced. The remaining 50% of the payment will be Given to the Carrier upon Delivery. Carriers have complete control over all Tracking.

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How Carriers Tracking Works

iPay Carriers logo provides Carriers with a Free Account that consist of the following features:

Direct Deposit
Payments will be Directly Deposited into the Carriers Bank or Fuel Card.

Carriers will be given an Account with TrackingMeter, with a Control Panel that allows them to provide limited access to their Location. Carriers can control what Direct Shippers and Broker can see. They can also provide Tracking Numbers that only allow Brokers and Direct Shippers to see when the Load has been picked up, and delivered.