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How It Works

iPay Carriers logo insure Carriers will get paid once the freight has been delivered. It’s perfect for Carriers that accept freight from New Brokers, or Shippers they can’t factor.

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How Carriers Get Paid

iPay Carriers logo Shippers/Brokers pre-pay Carrier Invoices, prior to the Freight being Loaded on the Carriers Truck. Once The Freight is delivered the Carrier Can request their money, and it will Be released to them immediately.

iPay Carriers logo Disburses Money Via

Direct Deposit

Checking Account

Savings Account

Fuel Card

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How Carriers Tracking Works

iPay Carriers logo TrackingMeter secures the full amount of the total fees from the Shipper or Broker prior to the Carrier obtaining the Freight. Carriers will have complete control over all Tracking, and can request their money be disbursed to them once the Freight has been delivered. TrackingMeter will also allow Carriers the Opportunity to have their Tracking Fees be added to their Settlement amount.